All cats living in the UK (even indoor cats ) should be vacinated against
  • cat Flu (herpesvirus and calcivirus)
  • feline panleukopenia
  If your cat goes out they should also be vaccinated for
  •  Feline Leukaemia

 The below vaccination schedule is for Kittens and Older cats that have missed there boosters.  To   fully protect your cat will need the primary course followed by yearly boosters throughout their life.

 The Primary course involves two sometimes three injections 2-4 weeks apart.  Most cats start the   primary course as a kitten at around 9 weeks old, but any cat that has never been vaccinated or   hasnt been kept up to date with their yearly boosters ,will also need a primary course.  Your   kitten/cat will usually have full protection severn to ten days after the final injection until then you   will need to keep them protected.

 So Please make sure your cat is fully vacinated and has up to date with boosters before booking   your cat into the cattery.  This is to protect your cat and other peoples cats and to ensure we   comply with the licencing requirements for a boarding cattery.