Terms and Conditions
1. All cats are required to have up to date vaccination certificates and must be immunised against infectious feline enteritis - and cat Flu.
2. We cannot accept any cats that arrive without a current vaccination certificate this is a requirement of our licence agreement.
3. We request that all cats are given flea, tick, and worming treatments prior to their arrival.  Cats found with any of these conditions will be treated and the cost passed on to the owners on collection.
4. By agreeing to the terms and conditions you authorise us to call the cattery vet on your behalf should we consider it necessary.  We will endeavour to contact the client and advise on any subsequent costs that will be added to the final invoice.
5. A full day’s board will be charged on the day of arrival and departure days regardless of the arrival and departure time.
6. Invoices will be issued at the time of booking and Payment must be made in full at the time of departure including any additional unforeseen charges.
7. By agreeing to these terms, the owner confirms the cat is in good health, or any medical condition has been disclosed and discussed and documented.  We reserve the right to refuse entry.
8. By agreeing to the terms and conditions the owner agrees we will look after your pet’s belongings (collars, beds, toys, etc) however they are left at the owner’s risk.
9. Collars will be removed while the cat is being boarded this is for the cat’s safety.
10. Each cat must be bought to us in a suitable cat carrier, any cat that arrives not in a carrier the owners must not remove the cat from the car until they have placed the cat in a carrier we will provide.  Should the cat escape while being placed in the carrier we cannot accept any responsibility for the escape of the cat.  
11. Please note wet and dry food stocked by us will be provided.  Any special diets must be supplied by the owner to cover the duration of the stay.
12. There is a minimum stay charge of £24
13. All male cats over 6 months must be neutered.
14. For health and safety reasons we do not allow customers into the main cattery and request they stay in the reception to drop off and collect the cats.
15. All other services will be charged at £20 per hour
Important Notices
if any cats remain uncollected four weeks after the agreed collection date with no contact made then we reserve the right to assume ownership of that cat or cats and take any action we consider reasonable in re-homing the cat.
We require 14 days’ notice should you cancel your stay if the notice is not given you may be required to pay the full amount for the cancelled board this will be subject to the owner’s discretion.